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To compete in retail today, you need to transform your customer experience. You need better visibility and control over your supply chain, and you need to protect your brand from counterfeiters.

So, you need product digitization.

Many retailers already use RFID tags. But they can do a lot more than you think. They give you the insights to redefine what your retail experience looks like.

Find out how in this exclusive guide. You’ll also see how other retailers use RFID tags to stand out. Then you’ll discover how to:

  • Track your physical products like they’re online
    See how RFID tags can help you get to 100% store inventory accuracy. Learn how to get full visibility over your supply chain and total control over your inventory. Then find out how you can avoid stock errors, and tap into deeper insights for each item.

  • Protect your business from counterfeiting
    Learn why NFC product authentication is a better way to make sure your customers don’t buy fake versions of your products. Then see how it stops counterfeiters in their tracks and protects your brand’s reputation.

  • Tap into a new kind of customer engagement
    Find out how companies like Adidas are using RFID to turn offline products into digital platforms. The case studies show how they’re personalizing customer experiences, giving sales associates more information, and improving post-purchase engagement.

This is how innovators in retail are transforming.
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